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The 29th Annual Highway Congress, New England's premiere equipment and trade show, is fast approaching. Once again we are inviting you to consider supporting our annual event with your attendance this year. The Highway Congress continues to be a very popular event for municipal officials and it is a great chance to get your product information out to them.
The 2019 Highway Congress had 100 exhibitors and 1,000 visitors representing almost 120 communities/agencies. This year we expect even more exhibitors and visitors, so don’t delay in sending in your registration.

Attendees can use this link to register online

Downloads :

MCAPWAVendors Registration Form 2022(7).pdf MCAPWAVendors Registration Form 2022(7).pdf
APWA_Event_Waiver.pdf APWA_Event_Waiver.pdf
Exhibitor Cover Letter 2022(7).pdf Exhibitor Cover Letter 2022(7).pdf
MCAPWAActivity Release Form 2022(7).pdf MCAPWAActivity Release Form 2022(7).pdf
Highway Congress Ad 2022(7).pdf Highway Congress Ad 2022(7).pdf


Skowhegan Fair Grounds

33 Constitution Ave., Skowhegan,


Scott Holland

sholland@auburnmaine.gov | (207) 330-9933 | City of Auburn

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